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In the fall of 2006, the College of Liberal Arts at the University of New Orleans created the School of Urban Planning and Regional Studies (SUPRS). Geography, along with the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Planning and Urban Studies came together to develop and revise programs in an effort to take advantage of our complementary strengths in an era of reduced students, faculty, and resources. In the years since 2006, especially since 2008, that era has continued as colleges and universities across the country struggled as the country struggled financially.


The synergies we are developing with our colleagues in anthropology and planning and urban studies have us all poised for rebound and recovery. Since the founding of UNO (then LSUNO) in 1958 we were part of the Louisiana State University system. As of December of 2011 we are now part of the University of Louisiana System. As an institution we’re poised to take-off and geography (and all of SUPRS) will be at the forefront. UNO has recently refocused its recruitment, retention, and marketing to ensure a turnaround to bring UNO back and geographers are deeply involved in all of these processes.


Programmatically we’ve incorporated our courses into degree programs which take advantage of the faculty strengths across SUPRS. While we have maintained the stand-alone minor in geography, the major in geography at the undergraduate level is now incorporated into the BS in Urban Studies and Planning. There is a geography option in the BS which closely mirrors the coursework in the former BA in geography. If you are interested in majoring in geography at the undergraduate level you can contact any of the department faculty or program coordinator Dr. John Renne (504.280.6592 or At the graduate level we’ve incorporated our coursework into the MS in Urban Studies and have several graduate students pursuing that degree. The program coordinator is Dr. Ana Croegaert (504.280.6294 or She, or any of the geography faculty, can assist you. It is also possible to pursue doctoral studies in the department via the PhD in Urban Studies (again, focusing on geography). In each of these programs your focus is geography, but you are exposed to the strengths of the anthropology, urban studies, and planning faculties and all they have to offer (which is tremendous).

We’re a small, eclectic, student-centered faculty and department. Not one of us has an undergraduate degree in geography. We all came to the discipline later in life, but you need not wait so long. Whatever your interests and desires, we’re here and almost certainly also share your interests (that’s one of the neat things about geographers). Check out our list of courses, check out the faculty pages, check out UNO geography and I think you’ll like what you see.


Geographers are everywhere and are doing everything. That’s one of the advantages of learning the geographic approach to study. If you are interested in more information or would like to come join us as a major or minor please contact me at

Contact us at:

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